Vastu Purush Mandala having 45 Devtas and Asuras.

Mukhya – the Caretaker: First devta in the North is Mukhya. He is the manager of Varun’s house; Varun, who is the power of governing the entire world. Mukhya looks after Varun’s personal administration in order to sustain the world.

He is the head of all the jobs done by Varun with respect to his house. He is the head of the main purpose of a building. He is the head of all those energies which manifest the purpose of a building.

His another job is to let the forms (from Vigyanmaya Kosha) manifest (in the physical world). The power of accomplishing the process of manifestation is the power of this energy field.

All the actions (karmas) in life are meant to fulfil one or the other purpose. For example, in modern context, sale of a product or service to gain money is an important purpose. Most of our actions are directed towards fulfilment of this purpose.

  • Five Metal combination, five elements combinetion made our devta dives 3 plate of devta
  • plate of devta base plate M S then add space elements..., combinetion of copper for fire, brass for earth, aluminium for water, stainless steel for air elements and devta activet his position in vastu mandal.
  • In your vastu lots of issue so doing positive energy fields ativetion and negative energy fields removing this devta


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MUKHYA - ( N3 ) - Vastu Sarwasv Energized Dev Dives

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