• FRP Matki decor & Planter - LP1 - Best Planters

20 Inches Length x 20 Inches Width x18 Inches Height
16 Inches Length x 16 Inches Width x14.5 Inches Height
13 Inches Length x 13 Inches Width x12 Inches Height

The material used is Fibre Reinforced Plastics, also called Fibreglass.

Color & Finishes:
Laxita Planters come in different finishes namely Gloss finish, Matte Finish.The planters are coated with PU finish and are UV resistant."

Thickness :
Moulded with Double Coated and Double layared of Fibreglass which makes Planter Thickness Between 3-4mm.

Small Hole Drilled at the bottom of the planter.


White, DA Grey, Black, Brown & Red

Other Features:

  • Long lasting
  • Lightweight which makes them easy to move great choice for a container garden and especially for rooftop gardens
  • Durable
  • Don’t require maintenance
  • Weather resistant
  • Won’t rust
  • Won’t crack from temperature changes
  • Nonporous, can actually prevent water evaporation and minimize soil moisture loss
  • Color will not fade from sun
  • Can be left outdoors during frost, so don’t require special storage over winter
  • You can leave soil in a fiberglass pot over winter.

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FRP Matki decor & Planter - LP1 - Best Planters

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