• Premium Vastu Foundation Course

Premium Vastu Foundation Course
by expert Navien Mishrra
Course fees – Rs. 24,000/-
From Aug-Sept- 2020
12 Online Classes


• Complete Remedy for Toilets and Kitchen
• Use of Mirror in Vastu
• Health and Vastu
• Solving problems of their own house plan with complete basic remedy solution
• Discussion of maps include

Topics Covered
• Basic intro about vastu
• How to use magenetic and normal compass
• How to take degrees
• How to mark Directions
• 16 Directions and their attributes
• 5 Elements and their attributes
• Cycle of Creation(problem), Control(reason),Balancing(solving)
• Power Of 16 Directions
• 32 Entrance Effects(good/bad), Effects and Rectifications
• How to make Bar chart
• Complete Calculation of Zonal Strength
• Formation And Balancing of house through Barchart and many contents
Get knowledge of Vastu Shastra


Online Course Fee:-
Just ₹24,000/- only now (in India) (Goes upto ₹33,000/-)
Date : 24 August 2020
12 Online Classes


1) How to take degrees.
2) How to make a home-plan.
3) Use of Google earth for exact degrees. Learn how to use google earth app and the griding of homes practically with me.
4) How to grid 16 directions in your home plan for proper diagnose of your building.
5) 16 directions and their attributes.
6) How to make a zonal strength chart.
7) 5 elements and their attributes.
a) Cycle of creation
b) Cycle of control
c) Cycle of balance
d) Cycle of suppression
8) How to use pyramids to increase the energy of space by 108 times.
9) Effects of stairs in all 16 directions and remedies.
10) Kitchen in all 16 directions and rectifications.
11) Effects of the toilet in all 16 directions and rectifications.
12) 32 entrances and effect on members living in the same space and rectifications.
13) How to mark exact BRAHAMSTHAN.
14) Learn the attributes of all 16 directions and how they are affecting you in your daily life.
15) Know about the directions of opportunities for you.
16) Learn how to increase your savings.
17) Let your child be the Topper by the help of VAASTU.
18) How and which direction in VAASTU support your child’s better education.
19) Know how sleeping in the wrong direction creates disease in your body.
20) Sleeping in which direction leads to delay in marriage and child birth.
21) Sleeping in which direction can create new business opportunities for you.
22) How wrong placement of bed creates heated arguments.
23) How to recover you stuck money.
24) How to enhance or develop your business with right VAASTU techniques.
25) How to choose VAASTU perfect home.
26) How to get loan approval.
27) How to deal with IRRITATIONAL BEHAVIOUR, ALLOCATION and AGGRESSION by right VAASTU rectifications.
28) How to create family bonding.
29) Know about the direction to reduce the dosage medication.
30) How to create bonding in couples.
31) Which direction can support you to improve better health and immunity.
32) Which direction should always keep clean to create and maintain good health.
33) How to use the right colors to avoid accidents.
34) How to increase cash flow.
35) How to use mantras.
36) How to symbols.
37) How to use sculptures.
38) How to use paintings.
39) Know about the MARMASTHAN.
40) This journey makes you able to do live case studies also.

This foundation course enables beginners to understand fundamentals of Vastu Shastra, exploring career in VASTU, becoming helpful for family and friends to suggest authentic VASTU solutions.
Helps you learn VASTU methodology for step-by-step diagnosis of any problem and then applying VASTU techniques for balancing. You will be taught application of popular VASTU remedies as well as using household objects as remedies for achieving desired results.
Learn about the importance of color and elements around us
Understand why we are facing problems and get their solutions. Experience it your-self.
Vastu with logical reasoning & 100 % result oriented.
Vastu remedies without demolition and major changes.( yes definitely possible)
Learn the fundamentals of 5 element theory in detail and effects of the same in our homes and offices.
This course includes practice sessions to enrich you with hands on experience of VASTU fundamentals, methodology and simple remedies for solving problematic Vastu Doshas
Use of Bar chart and it’s Importance in vastu.
I have also provided you the soft-copy of the vastu chakra and the bar chart for easy learning for free. You don’t need to buy any other software for your working.
Case studies to have hands on learning experience. Full time support provided.

Requirements for the course

* Just a little interest towards the subject is required do
* a basics knowledge of computer will surely help.

Happy learning!…

Hug Belle Certified Course !!!!!……

Navien Mishrra

AstroVastu EXPERT

For detailed enquiry
Contact :
Navien Mishrra : +91 7737782556

Please share this to your groups for those who are intrested in learning Vastu Shastra
The course is designed for newcomers and for those who are astrologers and want to learn Vastu.

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Premium Vastu Foundation Course

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