Brass Strip Length – 3 meter approx
Width - 25mm – 30mm approx
Thickness – 0.5 mm approx
Weight - 80gm
Colour – Metallic
Material – 100% Brass Strip

  • Introduction : This Elemental Strip Technique uses Metal strips for rectifying the vastu-defects and the elemental imbalances in a space.
  • Material : This Hug Belle Remedial Strip is wholly made of Energized Brass and represents Earth element. 
  • Treatment : Hug Belle Remedial Brass Strip is used to treat harmful effects of imbalanced space, doors and toilets.
  • Uses : Its one of the very powerful ‘remedies’ from Hug Belle  to cut off an extended part or to block an unfavourable activity and to permanently block the negative effects of bad entrances and toilets.
  • Other Types : Copper Strip , Brass Strip , Aluminium Strip , Mild Steel Iron Strip, Stainless Steel Strip are all five types of Vastu Remedy strips from Hug Belle which are used to treat the space by blocking anti activity effects and Bad entrances of space and toilets.
  • Application : Installed vertically within the floor, flexible enough to bend around curves but does not stretch.
  • Easily cut to any size or shape required.
  • Enhances positive vibration and ideal for home improvement.
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Brass Strip - 1 inch by 0.5 mm approx

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