• Brass Dhanvantari

Dhanvantari / Dhanwantari in Hindu mythology, the physician of the gods and god of Ayurveda. According to Puranas, the gods and the demons sought the elixir(amrita) by churning the milky ocean(Samudra manthan), and Dhanvantari rose out of the waters bearing a cup filled with the elixir. He materialized into being during the churning of the Cosmic Ocean of milk with the jar of nectar to Immortalize the celestial beings. A homa (Fire Lab) is performed to honor Lord Dhanvantri, the divine physician and an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Performing the ritual permeates your entire being with its powerful vibrations, infusing life-giving exuberance. 


Made of         :   Brass Painted Red

Weight           :

Dimensions  :

Effects :-

  • The divine blessings of the Lord Dhanvantari forms a protective shield against all types of health disorders, keeping illnesses and health disorders at bay.
  • Enjoy a long and healthy life with the divine energy and utilize this unique spiritual remedy to experience the true joy of living.

Use :-

The Dhanvantari is placed in the North of North-East(NNE) zone.

Caution: Consult Vastu expert before placing any vastu remedy.

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Brass Dhanvantari

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